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8 Simple Tips to Eliminate Stress

Feeling overwhelmed, frantic or rushed? Can’t seem to get a break? Working on that to-do list, only to see it growing faster than you can manage? We all experience stress, we know how to manage it both from personal experience and from individual areas of expertise. For ways to help eliminate stress so you can be your best at home and at work.Physical Therapy Murray Hill NJ

Get Moving

Physical activity has been shown to help the body release endorphins, which can produce a positive feeling. It also helps reduce anxiety and stress. Find movement activities (doesn’t have to be exercise) that you enjoy, so you can have fun while you feel better as you do them. For example, some people enjoy running, and others love practices yoga. Moving your arms as if making snow angels, while standing against a wall. This stretches the shoulders, neck and upper back, where many patients carry their stress.

Take Shortcuts

Find ways to make semi-homemade meals, saving time with pre-cut produce or frozen veggies, and always having ingredients for your go-to meals. When you cook, you can also prepare food in larger batches so you can take it to work, or create your own freezer meals for upcoming weeks.Physical Therapy Murray Hill NJ

Hydrate and Heat

People should increase their water intake to stay hydrated, which makes it easier for the muscle tissue to clear out any bad hormones released under stress. Also applying heat, which helps with relaxation and increasing blood supply to the muscles, clearing out the hormones and loosening tight muscles.

Create a Meal Plan

Meal planning can be relaxing. Planning, in general, creates a sense of order and decreases the stress of the unknown, and meal planning can be helpful for this too. Meal planning could decrease the stress and time around deciding what to eat when you’re already hungry. They give you clear action steps and make it possible to bulk prep and shop, which saves time in your busy schedule.

Make Time to Be Present

Carefully protecting time for personal relaxation is challenging on good days, let alone on stressful ones. Making time to be still and present in what’s happening now versus ruminating over the past or worrying about the future can be beneficial to preventing or managing the stress we experience.

Consider Nourishment as Self-Care

It can be easy to skip meals or make food choices we wouldn’t otherwise make when we’re stressed. Unfortunately, that can lead to unstable blood sugar, excessive hunger (that can lead to overeating later) or food choices that don’t help us achieve our health goals. We suggest eating regularly timed meals or snacks and having a “nourishment list.” Choose several meal or snack ideas that you like, things that don’t take much effort and that you always have on hand. Aim to balance carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat, remembering to add vegetables. Then you can use this list to quickly choose something to eat.Physical Therapy Murray Hill NJ

Use Technology the Right Way

Technology nowadays can be a stress factor with its constant notifications and immediate access to time-consuming distractions. It can also be a helpful tool. The Headspace app is broad enough to apply to anyone, helps you find your center, find a healthy breathing pattern and get clarity with key points and a goal of the day.

Find Your Support

Remember the good things and supportive people in your life , should you need someone to talk to, it’s helpful to have your support network. Support can also be in the form of health professionals like family, friends or even co-workers, who can help you come up with non-stressful options that work for you and your health goals.


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