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Look years younger without surgical enhancements or injections, with help of Facial Yoga.

Thinking about drastic and expensive procedures like Botox, facelift surgeries, chemical peels or laser treatments? There is a wonderful alternative that is easy and fun!

Facial yoga is a recent trend that is built on a strong foundation of yoga practice. The face itself has over 40 muscles and toning them has the same benefits to the face that yoga has to the body.

Central Physical Therapy can help you with providing muscle and facial release, which relaxes contracted muscles, stimulates stretching and improves circulation. We also create yoga exercises for you to do at home, which is essential for the best outcome.

With our help and spending just a few minutes over the course of the day toning and tightening your face with the exercises we provide, the process of aging can be slowed, tension and stress can be released, and habitual facial expressions that cause wrinkles can be retrained.  Facial yoga can be used to improve the appearance of your forehead, mouth, jaw, eyes, and even your neck.

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*This service is not covered by insurance

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